You Are Responsible For The Outcome of Your 2016

The beginning is the most important part of the work. – Plato

ImageYou have probably been wished a happy new year a lot these past few days and you have more than likely replied in the same manner. While it’s beautiful and noble to wish a happy new year to one another; the truth is that setting intentions for the new year is never as simple as that. It’s not enough to feel it – you have to do the work, too.
Many things are beyond our control. There is no way to know in advance if we’re going to encounter roadblocks or face specific challenges during the year ahead. So many things are out of our control that it can be overwhelming; especially for those who are prone to anxiety.
Another unhealthy approach is to think that just wishing for things to go well is enough. You begin every new year thinking: “well, I’m just going to hope for the best, as long as this year is better than last year it will be ok – and there better NOT be any nasty or sad surprises!!”. It’s no wonder so many people forget their goals and toss their intentions into the nearest garbage can in sight – we want everything to be easy and when it turns out it’s not, we feel helpless and then rapidly pull out of any commitments we’d made with ourselves and sometimes even with others.
We cannot control what may happen (or not happen) to us but we can certainly make a choice. How are we going to handle difficulties and obstacles this year? What is the principle that will guide us during 2016? How can we best keep our intentions present throughout the year? In sum: how do we need to live in order to make the best of whatever the year may bring?
As I write this, I find myself wishing not so much for just a ‘happy’ new year but mostly to have enough strength, wisdom, and courage to face whatever may be on the horizon. I set my intention to continue to act and think from a place of love and patience. I do have plans and projects and certainly quite a few dreams that I wish to materialize this year – it is my ultimate intention to do all I can so that they all blossom into amazing, positive realities. If something’s not meant to be, I want to be open to learning from each experience and to find the good in every outcome.
I’d love to read how you are planning to take this responsibility and this position of power for the higher good and for your personal benefit as well. As usual, you can contact me at

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