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LifePath Masters is an exciting new platform offering programs that truly transform lives. We have created a constellation of online courses, practices, methods and tools all based on the Hero’s Journey process. Through retreats, workshops and individual sessions, we have spent a lifetime guiding thousands of people in discovering their own inner Hero/Heroine. Now, through advanced video and interactive technology, we are able to offer our work on a global basis so that more people can experience the power of using the Hero’s Journey in their lives.

One of our online programs is already completed: Moving Abroad: A Hero’s Journey. This signature program is based on the combined efforts of Dr. Beverly Nelson and Michael Bartlett and represents years of expertise in the area of personal transformation. You can see all of the details about this 8-week interactive online program below.

In addition to these online offerings, we offer 3 to 7 day live retreats. If you want a deeper, more intense transformative experience, join us in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Mexico or in other locations where these retreats are being offered. See below for more information about these incredible retreats facilitated by Beverly and Michael.

We invite you to leave your name and email address below if you’d like more information.  Or, simply email us at and we’d be happy to answer any of your questions.

Thank you for your interest in this exciting endeavor.  Our intention is to create innovative programs that will make a difference in your life!


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Our Latest Online Programs

Moving Abroad: A Hero’s Journey

Moving Abroad: A Hero’s Journey is an eight-week experiential interactive online program forpersonal growth and transformation. The program helps you as an individual or couple contemplating moving abroad, to make this life transforming decision with greater clarity, confidence and much less stress.

Our Latest Live Retreats

A Hero’s Journey in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

LifePath has been conducting Hero’s Journey retreat experiences for more than twenty five years and have helped thousands of people transform their life for the better.

A Heros Journey at Omega in Rhinebeck, New York

Self-Discovery, Self-Realization & Heroic Transformation.

Are you questioning how to move forward and reinvent your life? Gain the tools and insights you need to step out of your own way and design the life you have always imagined.

RePassionate Couples Retreat

A RePassionate Couples Retreat is a deep and intense six day experience shared by a couple seeking greater closeness, love, passion and intimacy in their relationship.