“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are”. Joseph Campbell

Beverly Nelson, Ph.D. Biography

With a PhD in Psychology and a BA in Business, I have been a pioneer in the field of creative personal transformation and healing centers. I have combined over 40 years of experience as a Psychologist and university professor with my business background as a consultant to create and direct healing centers with international recognition. As founder and co-director of three major holistic retreat centers (Memphis, Dallas and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, I have led teams of practitioners in practicing state-of-the-art methods of healing and transformation. This has led to a wealth of knowledge in the development of wellness centers through ongoing consultation and direction of numerous centers around the world.

Over the years, I also developed the Hero’s Journey course curriculum and the Hero’s Journey Five Step Model. This model has been the foundation for the many online classes, workshops, retreats, and seminars I have offered. The model is also the foundation for the national and international retreats I offer for groups to places such as the United States, Bali, Peru, Mexico, and Ecuador.

My life has been devoted to the field of Psychology and the healing process, as I have continued the active pursuit of knowledge to incorporate into my unique healing model. My background extends to training in Bioenergetics™, the Enneagram, Emotional Freedom Technique, Focusing, the Passion Test, cognitive therapy, hypnotherapy (including past life regressions), and transpersonal psychology.

I bring to my psychology practice a unique understanding of the personal transformation process through my dedication to my own personal growth, my life and travel experiences, my extensive training in a variety of psychological processes, and my professional experience as a Psychologist. Check out my Blog, www.lifepathmasters.com/blog on this website, to get an idea of what I’ve been up to!

My husband, Michael Bartlett, and I have continued to utilize the Hero’s Journey model as the basis for the creation of several online courses. You can click on the link that says “courses” on the menu bar of this website for more information. Each of these courses is an exciting process of personal transformation for individuals and couples during which participants are guided through a dynamic process of reflection, inner discovery, and personal reinvention. Michael and I took the spiritual wisdom of the ancients and joined it with cutting-edge psychological methodologies for self-discovery, to fashion an exciting, unique five-step program for personal growth. It was fun to develop and students continue to find their lives enhanced as a result.

Our lives are full and happy. We live on the outskirts of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where Michael and I enjoy our life together, our creativity, our family, friends, country home, gardens and amazing German Shepard, Greta.