Online Enneagram Group Experience with Dr. Beverly Nelson

I’m so excited to be offering a 6-week online introductory group experience exploring the Enneagram. I’ve been studying, teaching, and utilizing the Enneagram in my psychology practice and in my own life for over 45 years and have found it to be an important navigational tool for our journey through life. Check this out and let me know if you’re interested!

Enneagram Online Class

Enneagram Online Class

This introductory online Enneagram group experience includes:

  • Online Introductory Enneagram 3 module course (The Enneagram: Who Am I?) created by Dr. Beverly Nelson and Michael Bartlett. For more information about this course click HERE.
  • Enneagram Self-Inventory to determine your own core personality
  • Private Facebook Group for ongoing discussions and to stay connected
  • Six weekly 1.5-hour live group sessions with Dr. Beverly (on Zoom)
  • Ability to replay the session if unable to attend (with group permission)
  • Limited to 16 people (minimum 8) for in-depth learning

Cost is $297 for entire group course and experience:

  • 6 live, 1.5-hour experiential weekly group sessions with Dr. Beverly
  • The Enneagram: Who Am I? 3 module online course
  • Enneagram Self-Inventory
  • Private Facebook Group

Dates and Times of Introductory Enneagram Group Sessions:

July 14 – August 18, 2021, Wednesdays, 3:00PM-4:30PM CST

Contact Dr. Beverly Nelson at for more information or to register.

Participants are encouraged to complete the three module, online Enneagram course, “The Enneagram: Who Am I?”, prior to beginning the group sessions. A link to access the course will be sent after full payment for the entire group course.

It is required that participants complete the Enneagram Self-Inventory prior to beginning the group sessions or have already taken an Enneagram assessment. This inventory is included in the Enneagram: Who Am I? course. A link to complete the self-inventory for free will be sent to you after full payment for the entire group course.

The following information will be discussed during the weekly sessions. There will also be time for your questions and a time for group and individual self-discovery during each group session.

Week One: What is the Enneagram?
Week Two: How the Enneagram Works
Week Three: Overview of Personalities Eight, Nine, One
Week Four: Overview of Personalities Two, Three, Four
Week Five: Overview of Personalities Five, Six, Seven
Week Six: How to Use the Enneagram in your daily life

Advanced Enneagram Group with Dr. Beverly
Ongoing Wednesdays, Starting August 25, 2021

After completion of this initial Introductory Enneagram Group Experience, there is an advanced ongoing Enneagram group available online with Beverly. The cost is $35. US per 1.5-hour group session. This group is limited to 16 people with a minimum of 8. Payment for one month of sessions is made one month in advance with no refunds for missing a session. All sessions can be recorded with the permission of the group members.

If you have knowledge of and experience with the Enneagram and would like to be a member of the Advanced Enneagram Group without taking the introductory group course, let me know and we can discuss that possibility.

About Dr. Beverly Nelson

For over 4 decades, Beverly’s life has been devoted to the field of Psychology and the healing process and she has continued the active pursuit of knowledge to incorporate into her unique healing model. Her background extends to training in Bioenergetics™, the Enneagram, Emotional Freedom Technique, Focusing, the Passion Test, cognitive therapy, hypnotherapy (including past life regressions), and transpersonal psychology.

Beverly has utilized the Enneagram for over 45 years in her private practice, online courses, and in her own life. It has been an unwavering guide for her journey. She says, “I am always learning more and more each day about the Enneagram. The application to my daily life and the life of my clients never stops. I’m always thrilled to be teaching it to others!”.

Beverly brings to her psychology practice a unique understanding of the personal transformation process through her dedication to her own personal growth, her life and travel experiences, her years of experience creating and directing holistic health centers, her extensive training in a variety of psychological processes, and her professional experience as a Psychologist.

Contact Dr. Beverly Nelson at for more information or to register. or

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