Who We Are


Dr. Beverly Nelson and Michael Bartlett

We’re so excited to be able to share our years of experience, learnings, insight and wisdom with you. We came to this project with different backgrounds, different experiences and credentials. Yet, our mission is the same – to empower individuals, couples and groups to be the best version of themselves – a Hero/Heroine of their own Journey and to share that with others on a daily basis.

The Masters


Creating and conducting transformational retreats and creating retreat centers to provide alternative health therapies has long been a passion for Dr. Beverly Nelson. In 1983, she helped to create a community retreat center called “Nexus” outside of Memphis, Tennessee.


LifePathMasters.com is the vision and co-creation of Michael Lee Bartlett. Mr. Bartlett has a 40+ years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, psychotherapist, educator, consultant, coach and businessman. He has been the founder or co-founder of many varied and successful ventures.

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