True Power- A Hero’s Journey

Have you ever wondered why books and movies about superheroes, wizards, mutants, and people with psychic powers are so popular? I think it’s because that at some point in all of our lives most people have fantasized about being powerful and these superheroes with incredible superpowers are intended to appeal to our core desire to become the most powerful human beings we can be.

Have you ever wanted to increase a skill, improve your health, expand your creativity, have more energy, attract more abundance in your life, enjoy an amazing relationship, and fulfill your desires? I have. And, yet, we often feel powerless. I know we may not be able to fly, turn invisible or walk through walls but I believe we can feel powerful. And, feeling truly powerful is the key to fulfilling our desires.

How do we do that? To start with, most people have a misconception about what power really is. So, let me try to explain.

We are currently experiencing evidence of power gone “amuck”. I think you know what I mean, right? War, crime, violence, environmental, religious, political and economic collapse is all around us and, unfortunately, many of us are exposed to it every day in the news or in our day to day lives. From my point of view, everyone involved in these activities is attempting to exert some type of power. I say to some of my clients when they are stuck in an unhealthy behavior, “how’s that working for you?”

Could the problem be that most people don’t understand the difference between “power over something or someone” and “self-empowerment”? When there is brute force, intimidation, or physical dominance; that is a limited, fear-based kind of power. True power is a natural, creative, nurturing force that is expressed through our inner empowered self – not outside of us.

How we use power is a choice. I don’t mean an ego choice of “I want this and not that” but a different kind of choice. To me, it’s about being self-aware or conscious and making decisions from within our own being and our awareness of ourselves in the present moment. That’s true empowerment. From that place we can be connected to our creativity and strength and confidence. When we try to get power over something or someone, we are disconnected and unaware of ourselves and it never feels good. In fact, it brings a sense of powerlessness instead of the power we are seeking.

Self-empowerment means that we need to be more aware of ourselves and our true nature. This involves self-knowledge and learning to live in the present moment instead of trying to exert external power over our past, present and future. It also involves taking responsibility for ourselves and the choices we make.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Mine would be self-awareness and living in the moment. I can’t imagine anything more powerful or Heroic than that on my Hero’s Journey. What do you choose? Do you choose kindness, respect, curiosity and love in your heart as a more powerful force than the need to use force, intimidation, resistance and dominance? Which one of these do you think is the real superpower?

As always, I’d love to hear from you by commenting below or emailing me directly at

You can be your own Hero or Heroine, Beverly

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6 thoughts on “True Power- A Hero’s Journey”

  1. Beverly, I totally agree – Self Awareness is first order of taking action or true transformation from where I ‘sit’. If we are not aware that there is a leak in the rooftop b/c we never go into the room that is getting flooded with rainwater/snow/whatever, then we may find ourselves – on down the timeline – waking up to water soaked rugs in the living room or kitchen – then we are ‘flooded’ with awareness!! And a much expanded problem.
    Recently, I was awakened to my method of adaptation – or what I called being flexible and adapting to a new situation. After 2 months I finally spoke up (empowerment) and said “Something needs to change here; we have a 50/50 contract and I simply need more space – we do have storage but it is all filled. i know you have a lot of stuff and have wondered what to do with it. Let’s start with the kitchen.” To my delighted surprise she immediately cleared a whole 2 cupboards + (rather sheepishly) and even inquired into which would work best. Taking back one’s power starts at home, in day-to-day living. Now, conversation has opened (in 2 days) and tension has been dramatically reduced! My lesson: I was brought up to not confront; to be kind, nice . . . so I’ve a strong tendency to avoid confrontation. The assumption I erroneously made here was that I had to confront – based upon the build-up of judgement (how entitled . . . or is it a complete misperception of what is half of space?), then quieted resentment. By approaching situation with a firm clarity of my rights, respecting my own needs, and respecting her by stating what I need kindly (w/o wavering), she could respond with equanimity. Right after this I found the perfect chiropractor to treat and ‘adjust’ what had become a chronic pain in my arm/shoulder. Staying aware in the moment – I know there will be further ripple effects ~ It’s not so much an expectation but, rather, an inner sense of the energetic shift that has occurred.

    1. Wow! This is a great example of self-empowerment! Thanks so much for sharing this. It really does show the beauty and wisdom of choosing the path of awareness. Thanks!

      1. Thanks Beverly! In the aftermath, it has become crystal clear to me that taking action/speaking up as close to the realization as is appropriate and possible (no matter the chatter in the monkey mind) alleviates an accumulation of thoughts, emotions, and additional discomfort, even separation. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Again, another phenomenally inspirational and thought provoking newsletter. KINDNESS, RESPECT, CURIOSITY, LOVE the ingredients we all need for ‘self empowerment’ Thank you for the awareness reminder us humans need. The opposite, FORCE, IMTIMIDATION, RESISTANCE and DOMINANCE leads to zero happiness. Pointing this out and caring to do so will help so many!
    Easier said than done, but thank you for reminding all of us.

    1. Yes, Grace. We do need to be reminded of this frequently. That’s what friends/mentors/allies are for, right? And, it really feels so much better when we can practice kindness, respect, curiosity and love, doesn’t it!! Thanks for your comment.

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