The Treasure

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. – Joseph Campbell

ImageHave you ever wondered why we remember the tough times more vividly than the carefree, blissfully happy ones? Or, why do we become more attached to the things and projects that took the most effort and time to achieve?
The Universe, in its infinite wisdom, knows that our spirits – not to mention our minds! – need a bit of ‘extra work’ so that we can learn all we are here to learn, because the lessons stay with us that way. Conquering our inner demons, which is the most daunting task we face during our time on Earth, requires us to go that extra mile: it takes our full commitment and all our courage. Most of the time we must face our fears head-on in order to master them. Only then, when we have left fear behind, will we be truly open to the wisdom of the universe.
We all have our fears: of heights, water, insects, public speaking, enclosed spaces, change, rejection or the unknown in general, etc.In most cases it takes us our whole life to acknowledge our fears and tackle them head-on. We’re not always successful but what matters is that we always keep trying. Going out of our comfort zones and taking a step – no matter how small – in the direction of what we fear is all it takes to keep learning every day. When we allow our fears to take the wheel, giving them power to keep us caged within a space we believe to be ‘safe’, we will never access the treasure within us and beyond us.
Wouldn’t that be sad?
When we are brave there are no ‘small’ actions: there’s only the seized opportunity that takes us one step closer to treasure. How will you conquer your fear(s) this week? Always excited to hear from you at

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