The question is not ‘who?’…

ImageI’m rarely on Facebook, but some times an occasional gem will find its way through my newsfeed. Reasons matter, and the weight of our decisions is usually leveraged with our motivations. However, it is equally important to consider how we put those reasons into effect.
I found this poem on Facebook this week and I think it holds a simple and powerful truth. So, I want to share it with you:
THE QUESTION IS NOT WHO… (by Aniceto González Rodríguez)
The question is not ‘who?’,
because there are no guilty parties,
or innocent ones.
We simply are.
The question is not ‘when?’
or ‘where?’,
it is not a matter of time
or space.
There is nothing to save you
or to save me.
We merely are. 
That is the only question that persists.
Nothing else matters.
What matters is not what we want
but how we want.
You know that as well as I do. 
We are here.
What we give or what we refuse
establishes the truth
of who we are.
What do you give? What do you refuse? I’m always listening at

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