The Purpose of Death

For Life and Death are One, even as the River and the Sea are One. – Kahlil Gibran

ImageDay of the Dead is one of the most beautiful celebrations in Mexico, and it is certainly the most poignant and spiritual. To witness the care, love, patience and commitment most Mexicans have with their long-gone ancestors never ceases to amaze me. It is certainly so unique and moving; and we are blessed to have the opportunity to witness it and/or even take part in it.

Death is always with us, and I don’t mean it in a morbid way. It is the next stage of life – some have even gone as far as referring to Death as ‘the goal’ of Life. I believe both Life and Death are part of the same fantastic, spiritual journey that we call the human experience. No need to fear what is only a natural outcome, and an integral part in the design of the universe.

What do we leave for those who stay behind us, after we are gone? I’m sure you have also thought about it – we all do, it’s only human to reflect upon what our legacy will be; whether we believe in an afterlife or not. Looking at all the altars that people set up these days, and thinking back on some recent losses of friends and acquaintances, I get a glimpse of what matters.

When it comes to the meaning of Death, I think musician and artist Laurie Anderson just nails it:

“I believe that the purpose of Death is the release of Love” 

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