The last month of 2013 is here – make it count!

A Note From Dr. Beverly Nelson, Director

December is here! My, the year went by so fast, didn’t it? Instead of getting swamped up in to-do’s and overwhelming yourself preparing endless resolution lists, may I suggest an alternative?

Dr. Beverly Nelson (Photo: Michael Amici)Why not focus on the HERE and NOW? I know I am always bringing this up, but I only do so because not a day goes by without me realizing over and over again how important it is, and noticing how many of us forget about mindfulness.

December should be a month to pay attention to what we hold inside, and see how we can make positive changes in our life. Rather than writing down ambitious resolutions, set your intentions: I am permanently amazed by the swiftness and wisdom of the universe when it comes to answering my requests! For example, this month, it was my wish to be able to offer all of you something special and life-changing, and lo and behold: James Hyman comes to town! I cannot recommend him enough – I had a session with him that brought many breakthroughs on a personal and emotional level. Book an individual session with him, if you can: it’s a great opportunity that will have such an enduring, beautiful effect in your life!

Another great offering this month at LifePath is the Visionary Art Workshop with Carlos Cabán on December 12th (which happens to be the day of our Lady of Guadalupe; coincidence? I don’t think so!). If you are a regular visitor, you may have seen a sample of his artwork hanging on our walls, right in front of the entrance after you come up the stairs. I know many of you have a great interest in sacred geometry and art; I’ve wanted to host a workshop on this topic at LifePath Center for months now. So happy and grateful to the universe that Carlos will be teaching this workshop!

This December, make the most of each hour of your days by being here, mindful of the present; and be as mindful about the year ahead, but through intention, rather than wishes or resolution. I promise you that the results are so much more fulfilling and happy!

What are you mindful of during this holiday season? What are your intentions for 2014? I’m always listening at

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