The cycle of Beauty and Peace

Beauty awakens the soul to act. – Dante Alighieri

Beauty has two aspects: the physical, and the spiritual. In today’s world, we tend to mistake an aesthetically pleasant shape with real and meaningful beauty. Of course, there is nothing wrong with pleasurable aesthetics – as long as they feed our spirits and intellects. This is what the most popular, ‘mainstream’ current notions of beauty get wrong.
Beauty has therapeutic effects on us that impact our bodies, minds, and souls. What do you do when you just moved to a new place and you’re not totally pleased with the way it looks and makes you feel? You get paint, art, personal tokens, and things you find lovely – then, you make it your own. You make it beautiful.
When we are surrounded by meaningful and true beauty, our spirits are lifted. We feel more inclined to positive actions and feelings. We also are driven to act from love. Nice spaces motivate calmness, introspection, and peace. This is why it has been a priority of LifePath Center, since we moved to our current location over a year ago, to beautify our surroundings for all the community to enjoy. A crucial part of this project has been the creation of murals. Wonderful, talented artists such as Joan Columbus, Linda Laino, Michael Latriano and Carlos Cabán have contributed selflessly and joyously to the beautification of Rinconada de La Aldea.
As you may have noticed, we still have plenty of wall space to cover! The astonishing mural by Carlos Cabán, for example, is still pending finish – two of the parts of the mural are yet to be painted. We would LOVE to see the finished product of Carlos’ fabulous skills and divine inspiration; and we’d appreciate your support, as we always have. You can make donations in cash (there is a black deposit box next to the entrance of our yoga room at LifePath) or e-mail us at so we can send you a link to our PayPal donation page.
What do you think about beauty – is it an important part of your life? How do you contribute to make this world more beautiful? I’m always listening at 

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