Some thoughts on perseverance

A Note From Dr. Beverly Nelson, Director

Those who persevere can change the world. It takes so much courage, tons of motivation, and a huge amount of belief in yourself and your cause. However, we also have to know when it’s ok to persevere, and when it is wiser to let the universe take over. In other words: how do we tell the difference between perseverance and mere stubbornness?

Dr. Beverly Nelson (Photo: Michael Amici)We all want to achieve different things. Some of them are really personal, while others are more business oriented. Some examples: writing a book; unpacking those last five boxes in our basement; have a healthy relationship with our loved ones; etcetera. I find that, when it’s something that is good for us – not just something we want, but something that is actually positive for us and that we really need – the journey works as a ‘fuel’ for our aspirations. Rather than feeling hopeless and frustrated, even when we face challenges and obstacles, we always have that spark inside of us that makes us want to go on. That spark is perseverance.

Then there are those times when we feel stressed because we feel we ‘have’ to accomplish something, whether it’s because it’s “what is expected” of us; or because we think we will be judged or ridiculed if we don’t. Another reason why we might push ourselves to do certain things or accomplish particular tasks, is because we see those around us (colleagues, friends, relatives) are also doing them. We think if they are doing it, it must be correct. We embark on a road full of obstacles and tough moments, and every time we encounter them we feel like the journey will never end, and we lose motivation little by little. Our supposed ‘goals’ wear us down. Our desire becomes a burden. All this time, the universe keeps trying to send us signals that we’re going the wrong way, but we refuse to listen. That refusal is stubbornness.

Which one is driving you: perseverance…or stubbornness? I’m listening!

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