Sharing our Bits of Wisdom

“Each of us finds his unique vehicle for sharing with others his bit of wisdom.”  Ram Dass

Sharing our Bits of WisdomLooking back today on the time that I’ve spent in contemplating what I was going to say in my weekly newsletter and then writing it and then reading and responding to those of you who replied — I feel an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for the privilege to connect with you in this way. There are many rewards in this connection of heart, mind and spirit. I’m often showered with wisdom from my readers. I’m often asked for advice which I share with an open heart and I am often challenged to rethink what I have written. In all cases, my life is enriched. From this experience, I have learned so much.
What I’ve learned from you:
1. I can allow myself to not judge myself for changing my mind.
2. It is a true gift when someone shares that part of themselves that feels vulnerable.
3. Everyone has the right to have their own opinion and I don’t need to defend mine.
4. When someone thanks me for sharing some words of wisdom, I feel that I truly have fulfilled my purpose of healing- one person at a time.
5. I can be generous with my time.
6. Sharing my own vulnerabilities takes strength. It’s not a weakness.
7. Connection with others is a healing balm.
8. I can make mistakes (grammar, ideas, words, etc.) and it’s still okay.
And, the list could go on and on and on……..
So, as you can see, it matters to me that you respond and I feel grateful for the opportunity to stay connected to you, in this way. On this Thanksgiving weekend, I just want to say “Thank You”!
And, as always, I’m eager to hear back from you this week at
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