Recognize Yourself in He and She…

“Recognize yourself in he and she who are not like you and me.”
― Carlos Fuentes”

Recognize Yourself in He and She...This week has been filled with such a mixture of emotions about what is happening in the world. On one hand, we can witness all of the upset and diversity of opinions over the changes resulting from the President’s executive orders on immigration and, on the other hand, we see the resulting expression of creativity through the written word, spoken word, art and media that is spreading throughout the world.
This expression gives me hope that we can make a difference in what we think might be small ways but have a wide impact. I’d like to share some of the videos, articles, etc. that I’ve seen just this week that have touched me and made me realize the beauty of our humanity and our individual and collective power.
For example:
1. This article is about the impact of the refugee ban on refugees that were scheduled to come to Portland, Oregon. The director of this program was a colleague of my daughter, Allison’s, at Catholic Charities where Allison was an immigration lawyer prior to moving to San Miguel to manage LifePath Center. As a result of the recent changes, Allison and I have donated to ACLU in order to help make a difference. The ACLU is challenging Trump’s executive order in federal court and has already been successful in getting a federal judge to order a temporary halt on deportations of those detained in U.S airports under the order while the merits of the case are being decided. You can donate at
Here is the link about the refugee program in Portland, Oregon. It’s about real people.
2. This Danish ad has gone viral and challenges us all to step out of our “boxes”.
3. Budweiser has produced an ad for the Super Bowl today about immigrants. The images say it all.
4. AeroMexico has even produced an ad about borders. Again, the words and images are strong.
And, there are more and more. I’m sure you’ve seen them and have your own thoughts and ideas about this and what’s happening in the world.
As always, I’d love to hear from you at about your thoughts.

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