Our Spirit Animals

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.
– Anatole France

Our Spirit Animals

Amid the chaos that the world seems to be these days, we must take time to acknowledge the sacred place that animals have in our lives. Whether it’s the animals who live in the forests and jungles; or those who are part of our daily lives as domestic pets, there’s no way we can deny the blessed role they play in the plan laid out by the Universe.

Pets, and animals in general, teach us so many things about who we are and who we ought to be. Their loyalty comes at no cost. They have no expectations: only trust. Animals are intrinsically good – their spirits are pure and connected to the source, to the Earth. They know how to heal. They also forgive and forget with a greater ease than us. For let’s not forget that we are animals too – but we have become disconnected from the basic knowledge that used to keep us in constant touch with our instincts and our spiritual side.

I’m sure that all of you who have been at LifePath know Sophie. She is our guardian. All of us adore her (especially me, of course!) and most of the people who meet her fall in love with her instantly, as well! Sophie is also a therapy dog – her calming presence soothes all of my patients and basically everyone else who comes through our door! I thank the Universe every day for her, and so does my staff.

Animals are not amusement. They are not inferior to humans – they are our teachers and companions.

What is your experience with animals (whether they’re ‘wild’ ones or pets)? I would love to read about it: docbeverly@aol.com.

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