Organics and Nutrition for a Better You

Organics and Nutrition for a Better YouNEW! Organics and Nutrition: Dialogues San Miguel at Cafe Contento – This Thursday, Naturopath Dana Kraft speaks about Increasing Your Energy through Nutrition.

LifePath Center’s Dana Kraft and Mario J. Cervantes present a series of six free presentations about Healthy Living.

Dana, a U.K.-trained Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist and Herbalist, will address the theme of: Energy, Vitality and Peace of Mind.

She’ll explain how nutrition impacts our energy levels, stress and sleep patterns and long term health. We’ll better understand how food chemistry makes a difference in our moods and attitude, and how natural remedies, including nutrition and herbal medicines, can improve our daily lives.

Dana shares her top tips on cooking and storing foods as well as preparing herbal medicines.
Thursdays, Nov 17, Dec 1, and Dec 15.
Mario, an experienced organic grower and co-founder of Natura, will dispel common myths and match your budget and taste buds with how to wisely select organic foods. He’ll candidly share what we should ask growers, retailers and restaurants that tout their sources as organic.
Thursdays, Nov 24 and Dec 8.
Cafe Contento,
Hernandez Macias 72,
Thursdays, 3:30-4:30 PM

Contact: Marty at, 415 119-8703.

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