Is there a ‘season of giving’?

A Note From Dr. Beverly Nelson, Director

Generosity is all about ‘giving’…or is it?

The act of giving – whether it is time, an object, or money – becomes ever-present at this time of year. We are reminded of the importance of being generous everyday, of course; yet it is during the holidays that a bigger emphasis is placed on the act of giving something to others: our loved ones, our relatives, or those in extreme need. Of course, generosity shouldn’t be seasonal. The first thing we need to remember is that generosity of spirit, which makes a bigger impact on others and on ourselves, needs to remain alive all throughout the year.

It’s easy to lose sight of true generosity when we are immersed in shopping sprees, trips, parties and the like. Many things that are more important than gifts and party preparations are neglected during the holidays; paying attention to the wishes and dreams of those around us is the most effective and beautiful way in which we can keep track of the ways in which we should be generous with them.

Being generous with our time becomes especially challenging during the holidays, because we have to take care of so many things. Time and attention are two of the gifts that will have a long lasting impact on others, that can truly make a difference and that only require our kindness and disposition. Put things in balance and you will find that you can certainly spare those ten or twenty minutes on the phone with that relative who needs our sympathetic ear; or that you can spend an hour with a friend who may be going through the holiday blues.

When the holidays are over, cling to the generosity of spirit you exercised – I promise the feeling will be even more rewarding than ticking all the way through a completely fulfilled resolution list!

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