I’ll have a slice of time, please!

A Note From Dr. Beverly Nelson, Director

Dr. Beverly Nelson (Photo: Michael Amici)“Time management”. What kind of reaction do those two words provoke in you? Do you immediately think of an agenda full of appointments? Or, perhaps, a calendar that is as busy as it is daunting. For others, it might be the opposite: vast blank spaces, past and future, like silent reminders of time gone by.

Using our time in a smart way is one of the essential factors of a fulfilling, happy life. This is because, more than a series of hours, minutes and seconds, each day is full of windows of opportunity. We must decide how many of those windows we use and how we are going to make the best of them.

Imagine a big pie; now, think about each of the areas in your life: family, work, rest, creative projects, friends, “you” time, etc. Which slice is the biggest one? Which is the smallest one? If the ‘pie’ looks out of balance, think about which distribution would make you happier, and take steps to make the necessary changes in your daily agenda. The opposite might happen, too: you might feel like you are overwhelmed by a certain area of your life and, when you have the visual right in front of you, it may turn out that your perspective is the one that requires fine-tuning. Maybe the work ‘slice’ isn’t really as large as you thought, but you feel it is because you’re always thinking about the job, even after you leave the office everyday.

Whatever your results are, remember that it’s very important to have a substantial ‘pie slice’ set aside for yourself, in order to recharge batteries, encourage your own creativity and listen to the voice inside you.

How does your ‘pie’ look like? I’d love to hear from you!

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