Crossing lines in a good way

A Note From Dr. Beverly Nelson, Director

Boundaries are necessary, and even healthy. But, what happens when all we have are boundaries?

We end up pigeonholing ourselves.

Dr. Beverly Nelson (Photo: Michael Amici)Everything in life is a gamble. Life is full of risks, many of them worth taking. Of course, i t’s not a matter of compromising our physical and emotional well being. What I suggest is that we dare to cross a few of those invisible lines that we never dare to tread on: the kind of boundaries established by ourselves, many years ago; maybe they are limits we imposed on ourselves after a disheartening experience. The lines that we should cross are those drawn by fear, prejudice and pain.

Sometimes we have become so accustomed to acting and living within the space delimited by these lines, that we have forgotten they exist. Once in a while, we may wonder about what is on the other side: what would it be like if I did things differently? What would it feel like to experience something we have never dared to try? It can be as simple or as complicated as you might think: drinking coconut milk instead of cow’s milk at breakfast; or making a friend out of someone with whom you think you might have very few things in common.

Wonder is always waiting – if you are brave enough to cross the lines that are holding you back.

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