A heart in bloom


Dr. Beverly NelsonWhen the heart is empty, everything else fails. We can eat as healthily as possible; work out a lot; do ten hours of yoga a week; meditate…Even if we do all that, if we forget to love, nothing will fall into place. Not even our own health, much less our peace of mind.

When we read the word ‘love’, we may think of romance, of grand gestures of passion – that’s great, but it’s important to keep in mind that romantic love is not the only kind of love there is. In fact, the love that sustains us on a daily basis is often found in those persons and places we sometimes overlook. Even the affection with which your neighbor greets you in the morning, or the wagging tail of your beloved dog: those are the expressions of love that can make a difference. They can turn a not-so-nice day into a great day. Another brilliant example: the love of those friends and relatives who live thousands of miles away – you may not call them everyday, but you know they are always there to support you, and to offer you their unconditional support.

Finally – the most overlooked love of all: the love from nature. Every single leaf, flower, bird, patch of grass; every time the sun shines on our skin, or whenever a drop of rains falls on the ground: the energy behind all things that are. We are all here because of that spark of life, of creation: we are here because of love. Let this love take ground in your heart, and from there, it will bloom into wonderful things

Where do you find the love you need everyday? Drop me a line at docbeverly@aol.com.

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