A Brand Energy Workshop with NY-Based Brand Anthropologist Mary van de Wiel

Join Mary van de Wiel in a GREAT Workshop:
How to Re-Energize Your Brand (Or, The Art of Showing Up Like You Mean It.)

When: Friday April 20, 2pm-4:30pm
Cost: 200 pesos
Only 25 spots available, so pre-registration is a must! Contact Dr. Beverly Nelson at beverly@lifepathretreats.com or call 154.8465.

Every person, business and organization has brand issues. If they’re serious enough, they’re going to shoot you in the foot and get in the way of your success. According to Brand Anthropologist Mary van de Wiel [alias: Van] that’s a serious issue. After all, we’re living in a time of Business Unusual. All the rules are changing, and your brand is now your most valuable asset. Ready to tap into the power of your brand? (Be prepared to soar. It’ll put you on the global map, for sure!)

Do you have any concerns you might have a ‘Dead Brand Walking’ on your hands? This roll-up-your-sleeves workshop will help you channel your energy, integrity, creativity and courage into a personal credo that will drive everything you do. You’ll walk away looking at your brand through a different lens that will not only transform your mindset, it will boost your confidence and reinforce that you are who you say you are!

You’ll find out:
Why emerging 21C values + neuroscience are impacting your brand 24/7
How to craft your own brand story so it will truly resonate with your customers
Why the emotional IQ of your brand is so critical today
How to tap into your WHY (It inspires everything you do, say and offer)

Special Brand Audit Bonus!!
Two lucky people will get the chance to win a 1:1 Signature Brand Audit on the spot with Van. Two business cards will be picked at random Friday, and then hold your breath! Your biz site will be beamed up on the wall while Van will analyze, evaluate and assess your brand messaging, interpret the invisible clues and then offer laser-focus strategies for creating a more powerful message.


A Brand Energy Workshop with NY-Based Brand Anthropologist Mary van de WielBest known for her individualistic expertise when it comes to coaxing out the emotional power in brands to spike the bottom line, Mary van de Wiel [alias: Van] is Founder and Brand Anthropologist of Zing Your Brand & Co., a New York-based creative brand consultancy, laboratory and workspace.

Dubbed Master Interpreter of Clues by clients and media alike, Van brings an eclectic perspective to branding whether as weekly host of NY Brand Lab Radio, leading the quarterly NY Brand Lab Workshops, speaking, consulting and producing the Brand Reinvention Summit.

For 19 years in a former corporate life, Van ran her own branding and design agency with offices in New York and Sydney and Fortune 500 clients across four continents. Her unorthodox views quickly turned her into an innovative voice in the branding arena. She led the global campaign for the highly–acclaimed launch of People Weekly in Australia, the Macau International Airport in China, and the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

Now, as a solopreneur with a virtual team, her interest in neuroscience, anthropology, creativity and innovation in a world she calls Business Unusual has been featured in Entrepreneur.com, Investor’s Business Daily, The World of Interiors and Reuters. She’s a regular contributor to Dan Schawbel’s Personal Branding Blog and is the author of soon-to-be-published Dead Brand Walking.

Want to raise the pulse of your brand? Find out more about Van and the Art of Zing: http://zingyourbrand.com. In San Miguel, Van’s cell phone: 044 415 149 3506

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