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Moving Abroad: A Hero's Journey

Moving Abroad: A Hero’s Journey is an eight-week experiential interactive online program for personal growth and transformation. The program helps you as an individual or couple that is contemplating moving abroad, to make this life transforming decision with greater clarity, confidence and much less stress. It helps you to define yourself, your values and what matters most in your life so that, no matter what you decide about moving abroad, you will move forward in your life in a powerful and joyful way.

If you do decide to move abroad, this is the roadmap for the journey to help you get there successfully and make the journey into a Hero’s Journey that is experienced with greater confidence, more fun and a lot less stress.

If you decide to stay where you are, this will give you the insights and new capabilities to move forward into a richer and more fulfilling life.

If you have already made the move, this is the handbook for creating this time in your life as the best time ever!

Moving Abroad… A Hero’s Journey

Overview of Each Module:

Each module consists of approximately 10 lessons supported by videos, transcripts of the videos, exercises related to the lesson, guided meditations (optional), information on how that lesson relates to the expat and a bibliography. The client will also be able to download a workbook that will contain all of the above materials so that there will be a written chronicle of their journey. The client will also join an ongoing Hero’s Journey discussion group where they can receive support from other participants as well as ask any questions that they might have. This will be monitored (initially) by the facilitators. A new module will be able to be accessed weekly by the client; and not before. After each week, they will be able to move to the next level (module) of the discussion group.

Week One - Module 1: Introduction and Intention

The course will begin with a module devoted to what the course is, how it works and how to get the most out of the process of going through it. The client will also be introduced to Dr. Beverly Nelson and Michael Bartlett as their facilitators and given an overview of the Hero’s Journey. The client will also be guided to define and write their intention for what they would like to accomplish in going through this course. To assist them in the intention process they will go through a questionnaire to help them clarify their desires. After they have written their intention, they will then be presented with clarifying questions to help them complete the process, if they need it, and then they will introduce themselves and share their intention with the Hero’s Journey Community group for feedback and integration with their new HJ Community.

Week Two - Module 2: The Enneagram

A deep dive into each client’s nature, tendencies, strengths, weaknesses and likely responses (positive and negative) through each step in the journey. The Enneagram evaluation process identifies one of nine distinct strategies for relating to the self, others and the world. Each of the nine Enneagram types has a different pattern of thinking, feeling and acting that arises from a deeper inner motivation or worldview. This identification is used throughout the Hero’s Journey process to provide specific feedback for each client regarding potential positive and negative responses to the various aspects of the journey.

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for personal and collective transformation. Stemming from the Greek words ennea (nine) and grammos (a written symbol), the nine-pointed Enneagram symbol represents the nine distinct strategies for relating to the self, others and the world. The Enneagram fosters greater understanding through a universal language that transcends gender, religion, nationality and culture. The Enneagram, like the Hero’s Journey, is related to Jung’s Common Unconscious and believes that, while we are all unique, we share common experiences and common unconscious relationships. The Enneagram is the first step in bringing this shared unconscious into individual consciousness. This new individual knowledge and insight gained from the Enneagram provides a common language of experience for our journeyer to relate and share with their HJ Community.

Week Three – Module 3: The Call To Journey - A wake-up call

Perhaps a yearning for new experiences or dissatisfaction with the status quo. In this module, the client will identify their origins and flesh out their current story… People, places and things that currently define them.  Who are you now?  What is your story?  How did you get here?

They will be told a story that will exemplify the call to journey.  They will then go through a guided questionnaire that will help them in defining the patterns, people and places that defined them and how that relates to their journey.  They will then write their own story describing patterns and the people, places and things that have defined them.  They will share their story and insights with the HJ Community and get feedback, clarification and develop deeper insights preparing them to confidently leave their existing ordinary world/self with greater clarity and adventure into the unknown of the new world and new self.

Week Four – Module 4: The Preparation - Getting ready and Help Is On The Way!

The client discovers that inevitably Mentors/Allies appear into their life and they find support.  In this module, the client prepares for the journey by identifying the strengths, beliefs and values that make up their life.  They do this with the aid of a Core Beliefs Inventory Questionnaire.  Upon completion, they choose the primary strengths, beliefs and values they will want to need to carry forward into their journey.  They identify the limiting beliefs that they will leave behind.  They are given questions and situations that relate to the journey abroad and choose the strengths, beliefs and values they will apply when facing these hypothetical; but realistic situations.  They share the experience of the process with their new HJ Community, receiving feedback and support from group monitors and community members.  They are prepared, mentally and emotionally, for the step ahead… The Encounter.

Week Five – Module 5: The Encounter

In this module the client is helped to see that all journeys and all lives are made up of inevitable obstacles and challenges. They begin to see that they are not alone and that everyone must deal with this normal part of every journey and every life.  The client now begins to see and understand that what determines the quality of the experience of the journey is not what happens (external) but how they deal with it mentally and emotionally (internal).
Through a series of interactive exercises, they are helped to identify their unique core obstacle(s) (fears) that they will have to deal with in their life and specifically in their move abroad.  They are then guided to identify the strengths, beliefs and values they will use in dealing with this core obstacle(s). They share their experience and insights from this process with the HJ Community group and receive support and gain the experience that they are not alone. They gain new insights, clarity and strength from the knowledge of this shared experience and experience the significant increase in consciousness and awareness they have developed at this point in their journey. They are stronger and make better decisions with clarity and confidence.

Week Six – Module 6: The Homecoming I - My Passions

It is a new day for the new self in a new world.  There have been changes experienced, felt, internalized and expressed.  It is now time for the journeyer to create and define their new being in the world.  What do they desire?  What do they want in and from this new world?  What are their passions? It is time to get really clear about what matters. This clarity leads to great personal power!
In the first of this two-module Step in the journey, we take the client through a guided interactive process where they create a list of 10 passions they now desire to experience in this new world they are recognizing and creating.  Through a user-simple but sophisticated and interactive process their list of passions are prioritized to define their top five passions, 1 through 5.  Once their passions and desires have been clarified and prioritized, they are guided through a process of developing markers as a way of measuring how they will know when they have achieved their passion and where they are in the process of manifesting each of their top five passions. The powerful effect of this new clarity in their life is profound.
They are ready for Part 2 of the Homecoming! The Integration.

Week Seven - Module 7: The Homecoming II - The Integration

The new self in the new world has been defined and established. The journeyer is now ready in their New Being to integrate Old World and New World into One World and Better World. They can now define “what is serving my new self and what is not serving my new self” in relationship to their newly clarified and prioritized passions. They are taken through several guided processes that ask them to reflect upon their newly clarified and prioritized passions in this new world and create “most important” lists in terms of:
Who Are… The most important people that populate or will populate their newly integrated life.
What Are… The most important things (activities and possessions) in their newly integrated life.
Where Are… The most important places (residence, geographical location etc.) in their newly integrated life.
Spiritual Practices… The most important spiritual practices (religion, meditation etc.) in their newly integrated life.
In each of the four areas listed above; they are then guided through a process of reflection and defining what, if any, changes they want or need to make in each of these areas.  They are then guided through a process of creating the practices and affirmations they will need to support themselves in making the changes they have defined for themselves.

Week Eight - Module 8: The Recounting of the Tale - Making It Real

Graduation & Celebration… it is time for the journeyer to claim their place in the world as the Hero of Their Journey and their life.  The client is guided through a process of defining and answering the following questions…
What was the most important insight(s) in your journey?
What was the most valuable setback or obstacle and how did you transform it?
What have you realized about your original Statement of Intent for this journey?
What wisdom have you gained that you want to share with your community and your world?
The client is then asked to create a new statement of intent for their next journey in this new world and directed and guided in the process of posting the answers to their “What” questions above on a special section of the Hero’s Journey Community website.