Win-Win! – Learn How to Settle Disputes Peacefully

Having a dispute with your neighbors? Ever wondered how to walk away from a conflict with Win-Win! - Learn How to Settle Disputes Peacefullysomeone gracefully? Want the result of every confrontation to have a win-win ending?
On Friday and Saturday, we are offering a really exciting workshop on Mediation: the Art of Resolving Conflict Peacefully led by Barbara Swartz, Distinguished Professor of Law, who teaches in New York. Barbara, who is internationally recognized for her work in mediation, will have a lot to say about cross-cultural issues.
Fri 1-4 PM and Sat 10 AM-1 PM (contact Barbara now to reserve at the link above)

SPECIAL! Cofe Fiakpui will be back by popular demand, Mar 28-31. Hundreds in San Miguel can attest to Cofe’s unique healing gifts. His schedule usually fill up as soon as his visit is announced. For an appointment: email or phone 154.8465.

THIS JUST IN! On Thursday, we are hosting spiritual teacher Bill Foss for a Talk and Guided Meditation on the The Art of Spiritual Abundance. The presentation is made possibe by Lemuria Center in Guanajuato State. For full details, contact Laurel Daniel at phone 415.105.8051. An extraordinary opportunity to hear a seasoned speaker on this important topic.

Happy (Astrological) New Year! Hear Astrologer Monica Garciadiego speak about the big changes coming up for the world.

The Spring Equinox takes place today, March 20, at 17:36 CDT. This will set up events for the next 3 months. With the Vernal Equinox, the first day of spring, we have natural forces of light and consciousness rising into the forefront once more.
And as the Sun enters the first degrees of Aries, the conjunction with Uranus tell us of great urgency and the force of change. It is the best time for you to create new intentions for what you want to manifest this year. Wed, 11 AM-1 PM.

Soul & Cinema. It’s not your parents’ Ten Commandments.Every Monday, we are screening episodes from The Decalogue (Ten Commandments) of the late Win-Win! - Learn How to Settle Disputes PeacefullyPolishdirector, Krzysztof Kieslowski.

Superlatives abound when describing Krzysztof Kieslowski’s masterpiece, a series of 10 one-hour dramas originally made for Polish TV between 1988 and 1989 and seen throughout the world in film festivals and cinematheque and museum programs.
Each film is a contemporary meditation on one of the Commandments. Screening and discussion. Hosted by LifePath co-founder Joseph Dispenza. M, 3-5 PM

PLUS all these great offerings…

  • Monday: A shaman is one who goes to the other side to bring back important information for the tribe. Modern shamans go deep into their intuitive reserves and bring healing back to an individual. Monday: Cranio-Sacral Therapists and contemporary shamans Eduardo Morales and Silvia Vega will be here from Tepoztlan. This is a unique opportunity to experience healing on many levels. Contact Dr.Beverly Nelson for an appointment. (Monday only)
  • MondayAnita Von Ballmoos brings out your inner artist with her class, The Liberating Spirit of Art. M 11AM-1 PM.
  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday: a new class, Stretching for Life, Simple, easy stretches for promoting better general health — increase circulation, range-of-motion, strength, and flexibility. Led by star of Gravity Works, massage therapist and integrative bodyworker, Irma Huerta. MWF 9-10 AM. (class is limited to 6).
  • TuesdayRavi Nathwani explores The Law of Karma — the last in his popular series…don’t miss it (come early!). Tu 1:30-3 PM.
  • Tuesday: Beauty ‘south of the border’ — Brazilian Butt Workout with our Pilates instructor, Lori Midrano. Tu and Th 4-5 PM.
  • Also on Tuesdays, at 4 PM, author Joseph Dispenza teaches you how to interpret your dreams.
  • Thursday: writing takes center stage with Judyth Hill’s amazing classes: WildWriters of San Miguel, poetry in the morning, prose in the afternoon.
  • Note: the discussion group Seriously San Miguel will not meet this Tuesday.

From now until the end of March, take $20 US OFF a complete computerized health assessment from Dr. Mike Herbert, using the advanced technology of the Asyra System — the only one in Mexico. Read here for more information.
Regular $90 US / $70 US with this coupon. Please print this out and take it with you for your session. For an appointment, call 044.415.113.5778.

Don’t forget our excellent Yoga classes with Anabel Cardenas Dugal (Mon, Thurs, Fri), Pilates classes with Lori Midrano and Tai Chi with Cati Demme (Mon, Thurs, Sat).

And, of course, check out the services of all our wellness practitioners.

All these, and much more! Check our class schedule for all our classes.

See you at LifePath Center,

Joseph and Beverly

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