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A Note From Dr. Beverly Nelson, Director

Dr. Beverly Nelson (Photo: Michael Amici)
I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.
– Maya Angelou

Dr. Beverly Nelson (Photo: Michael Amici)The power of a community united by a vision of love, gratitude, and healing can accomplish magnificent things. LifePath is a wonderful example. For almost thirteen years, LifePath has been a place where people, from all over the world, come to reconnect with themselves. With the support of our wonderful staff and team of skilled, certified practitioners; those who visit know that they are welcome from the minute they come through the doors.

Many lives have been transformed by the powerful healing and bonding experiences that have taken place at LifePath. Those who came to the Center looking for physical relief have not only found it but because they were guided by the wisdom of the practitioners; they were also able to address the source of their physical issues. Those, whose troubles were emotional or spiritual, have received a road map to navigate through life’s tempests and in most cases have found the way back to a safe harbor or perhaps discovered new exciting destinations.
Each and every one of you who is reading this newsletter has some connection with us and we have a connection with you. That is why today I want to share this with you: LifePath Center is going through a defining stage that will determine the role we play in the community of San Miguel de Allende; as well as in the national and international wellness industry. Our current lease will reach an end on April 30th and is not being renewed. What t his means is that LifePath Center is searching for a new home as a step towards creating the vision that is asking to be born. We have decided that it is time to take this opportunity to create LifePath’s next steps (should I dare to say next “life path”?) It’s an exciting time filled with exciting possibilities.

We have already been receiving amazing support from a group of visionaries who are friends of LifePath Center and have been helping us clarify our vision and explore a variety of options. There are several possible scenarios for our future that are currently being discussed; all incredibly exciting. However, we would really appreciate your input: if you have ideas or questions about the current state of things; if you want to share options that we should consider; or, if you know of a possible new home for LifePath, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at docbeverly@aol.com. I’m happy to share my vision and the details of what we’re looking for in a new home.

That being said: LifePath is not disappearing! Our mission and vision is very much alive. We are going through a beautiful time of transition which will definitely bring greater and better things for LifePath and for the community of San Miguel de Allende. LifePath Center is much more than a location because its vision exceeds what can be fit within four walls.

Don’t you agree?

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We Will Make Sure To Keep You Updated

One of my next steps on my own journey is to continue my work as a Psychologist in offering psychotherapy sessions online. If you are interested, you can contact me at docbeverlynelson@gmail.com

I will also continue offering online courses based on the Hero’s Journey and the Enneagram. I would love to help you make your life journey one of continued increase of happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction…More information can be found at: https:/lifepathmasters.pageable.com and on our website at https://lifepathmasters.com.