What we can learn from our ancestors

A Note From Dr. Beverly Nelson, Director

Day of The Dead calls for meditation and reflection.

Dr. Beverly Nelson (Photo: Michael Amici)Our ancestors are always with us. Their influence, positive or negative, cannot be denied. We carry them with us at all times: whether it’s a physical resemblance, a habit, a name or the ideals they had which they may have passed onto us; this inheritance is as much cultural as it is spiritual. We ought to remember them and honor them not just once a year, but at all times. Each action we perform, every word we utter, is a testimony of the good they did, and a candle that burns forever, in their memory.

Sometimes what we inherited from them is a characteristic that we dislike, or an illness. I always try to focus on how much I have learned from everything that has been passed onto me – the good and the not-so-good. We are handed a certain set of cards, but we are the only ones responsible for how we play them. We may have to take care of our bodies a bit more than the average person, but doesn’t that give us discipline, and a stronger sense of empathy?

Each one of us is, in many ways, the very reason why our ancestors existed. Think about what this means – what role do you play in your life, in the lives of others, and in the universe’s plan? Are you making the most of your spiritual inheritance – or are you gambling it away? If you are burdened by it – what can you do to turn the course into a blessing?

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