The Universe makes it up to you, always

Next time you have a bad day or a bad morning…

Dr. Beverly NelsonThe truth is that there is so much love in the universe, always flowing and changing, that if we are willing to receive it and multiply it, the Universe always has our back. This may sound far-fetched, but it’s true!

The ‘trick’ is not to linger in the bad news, or in the sour state of mind. I’m not referring to those times when we have to face terrible personal tragedies – there is a proper way to deal with them and that would be the topic of another newsletter, entirely. I’m talking about the small mishaps that we allow to spoil our days: a petty argument; lost keys or other possessions; a burned meal; a quarrel over our bank statement, etc. If we just take action (if there’s anything we can do to solve the issue) and move on with our day, thanking the Universe for the lesson, there will always be a reward.

A day can seldom be labeled as entirely horrible or ‘bad’. As always, it is a matter of perspective. Sometimes, the not-so-nice things happen so that we are better prepared to appreciate the good things that follow them.

When was the last time something beautiful happened to you or came into your life after a ‘bad’ day? I would love to read your stories at

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