The treasure of patience

A Note From Dr. Beverly Nelson, Director

Patience is rare.

Do you know why? It’s because it’s seldom appreciated.

We always expect it from others, yet we often forget to thank them for it. This is an attitude that doesn’t motivate or reward patience. On the contrary: it makes it seem like something that isn’t relevant, that doesn’t matter much.

Pair this lack of acknowledgement with the increasingly fast pace of modern life: everybody wants things to be done well, fast and oh, by the way, the deadline was yesterday morning (smile). Of course, these are not realistic expectations, and we should all be grateful that there are still people who take their time, who bear with us so that they can get everything done just the way we ask them to. How many times do we find that, for some reason, we weren’t clear about what we needed (or thought we needed) in the first place? Haste can sometimes make our requests less clear. Be mindful, always.

We should exercise patience with ourselves and with others every single moment. Each person and each situation is different – while sometimes there are things that take more time to get done; we must remind ourselves that time is not our master and we are not its slaves. Time is precious, and it comes with the treasure of patience.

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