The 2 Meanings of the word ‘Balance’

Dr. Beverly Nelson (Photo: Michael Amici)A Note From Dr. Beverly Nelson, Director

The final month of 2012 has arrived. Many of us are in a reflective mood during December, and I am no exception! Our mission at LifePath Center is to help anyone who comes through our doors recover their balance. In that context, the word ‘balance’ is frequently present in the ever-popular new year’s resolutions.

Balance – a state of equilibrium: always easier said than done, achieving true balance in our lives should always be a priority. However, our schedules are so hectic that we may not even realize we’re lacking balance in our lives! How can we tell if we are properly tending to our bodies, our minds and our spirits? A good way is to keep tabs on how happy we feel, on a daily basis. If you’re always waiting for some storm to pass, or if you have a tendency to live either in the past or in the future, those are usually signs that indicate a need for more balance in your life.

Balance – what is left once other things have been taken away : at the end of every year, we realize how quickly the previous months went by. We can’t recover time already elapsed, and we can’t stop the clocks from ticking. However, we can analyze how well we used that time. The balance of time can be measured in projects, relationships, accomplishments – whether they’re personal or professional – and, most of all, in joy and laughter. If looking back makes you smile, it means your balance of the year is positive!

What are your thoughts on balance? I would love to know!

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