Stretching beyond our limits

A Note From Dr. Beverly Nelson, Director

Dr. Beverly Nelson (Photo: Michael Amici)Whenever we set out to do something, most of us tend to think about it first – sometimes, a bit too much! It’s good to take our time to think, especially when it’s about making an important decision. However, overthinking almost always leads to fear and insecurity.

Our survival instincts make us live within our comfort zone. When we are immersed in a known environment, we feel like nothing can go wrong – that’s our logical brain talking. Isn’t it odd? How many times have you had to go through awkward moments, or even unpleasant situations, while still within what you would consider your ‘comfort’ zone?

There are no certainties in life; when we take things for granted or when we think we know what the result of this or that action will be may make you feel comfortable more often, but it also means you’re missing out on the risks that can help you grow. It’s not about getting out of bed and deciding you will go bungee-jumping, of course: I’m talking about the little ‘risks’ of the daily life that make it more fulfilling, and a richer learning experience. Few things can compare to the delight and the thrill of succeeding at something we wouldn’t have thought possible for us.

Happiness comes from believing in ourselves, and believing in ourselves begins where hesitation ends. Sometimes we just have to go for it, stop thinking about it so much…and see what happens!

Which risk will you take today? I’m listening! 🙂

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