Stories We Tell Ourselves

Studying, teaching, and experiencing the Hero’s Journey has provided a framework for my work AND my life. In fact, my husband, Michael and I have just finished creating three online courses all based on the Hero’s Journey and I’m thrilled to be able to share them with you. Check out the courses at and if you like this newsletter/blog, share with your friends and family so that they can subscribe and be part of the upcoming course discount for subscribers!

Stories We Tell Ourselves

In the courses, we recommend one of my favorite Ted Talk videos that references the use of The Hero’s Journey, it’s structure, and how it can be utilized in our lives to create better and happier endings.

In this video, Jesse Vaughn, who is a film director, talks about the importance of stories and their structure both in movies and in life. I think he really nails it and delivers an important message that says a lot of what I think matters and says it in a great way. Enjoy!


We all have a story about our life and when we tell it; we often use the same events, situations and experiences to describe it. This telling describes the well-worn pattern or patterns we seem to recreate and repeat over and over again, until, that is, we become conscious that we are creating them. The story we tell is a story that we believe is true, but is it really true? Unfortunately, we often create stories about our life based on our limiting beliefs or assumptions. And, we repeat stories based upon our patterns creating unconscious repetitions of a life rooted in subconscious doubts and fears.

But, what if we see our story from the perspective of a Hero/Heroine template that’s already hardwired in our subconscious minds? In doing this, your own personal Hero’s Journey story could provide order to what could seem like chaos in your life. Within the context of using the Hero’s Journey as a story “structure”, you can better deal with your intense emotions as you experience the transitions of life because you know that in the Hero’s Journey, resolution always follows conflict. You can then experience life with more confidence and clarity. Wouldn’t that be great?!

When you write your life’s story using the framework of the Hero’s Journey, it allows you to tap into the power of the subconscious mind to help you realize your dreams and desires and create authentic, appropriate emotions and new behavioral responses as a result. By developing your own “new” version of your “old” stories based on the Hero’s Journey structure, you gain control and the freedom to become the hero/heroine on your Hero’s Journey. You can then create new meaning and purpose in your life!

This structure helps you manifest what you desire in your life by communicating with positive emotion and motivation that assists you in being in charge and in control of your story. And, your subconscious mind actually hears and processes in concert with these conscious desires. Without this powerful connection, your desires may or may not be realized, especially if they are influenced by fears or doubts or negative emotions and confusion. We all want our desires realized, right?

What version are you using to tell the story of your life? Are you the Hero/Heroine of your own Journey?

It’s always a choice and YOU must make it!!

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Blessings on your Journey, Beverly

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2 thoughts on “Stories We Tell Ourselves”

  1. The essential connection between the themes of the Hero’s journey and the privilege of telling your own story in your own words is obvious once you have told us. 🤭. The teachings of the Hero’s journey motivate us to write with brutal honesty the story of who we were and who we are now and remind us to write with creative expectation the story of who we want to become. But can we change our story by rewriting the past? Did I really lock you in the cellar with spiders below our house when we were kids or was that just a fairy tale. Would we become who we want to be without that story? I can’t wait to write the next chapter.

  2. I love your response. And, in answer to your question, I believe that it’s really not about changing our story by rewriting the past. The reality of the stories may stay the same (yes, you really did lock me in the cellar with spiders when we were kids) but my interpretation of that story will be different when viewed from the perspective of a Hero or as a victim. And, that makes all the difference as to who we become. I choose to see that experience from the perspective of the Hero/Heroine when I acknowledge that I learned a great deal from that experience about having courage, being strong, and facing my fears. And, when we remember and laugh about it, I truly feel a sense of power rather than powerlessness. That’s always a choice and how I want to write all of my next chapters! I love you, my dear sister. Thanks for your insightful reply. Beverly

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