Shower Yourself With Love

Our first and last love is self-love. – Christian Nestell Bovee

ImageIsn’t it odd that most of us think that giving ourselves some much deserved attention and pampering is a luxury, or an indulgence?
Imagine how good we would feel if we devoted an hour every day to making ourselves feel loved! It could take any form you want: either doing affirmations (here are some great ones); getting a massage, or a haircut; writing a list of the three best things we did each day and commending ourselves for those achievements.
You could look at your own baby photos and say out loud some beautiful, lovely comments about how cute and lovable you were – and still are! Maybe you could buy the ingredients for your favorite dish and prepare it yourself, taking all the time you want, as you sing to those songs you have loved for so many years.
Perhaps even take a day off from work, and go on an adventure instead: a visit to the hot springs, or to an art gallery; perhaps a hike through a route featuring gorgeous views. Take your journal with you and write what you love about what you see; and also what you love about how your body allows you to do so many wonderful things.
Buy yourself flowers. Smile in kindness at your own reflection in the mirror. Talk to yourself, and listen to what you have to say, with thoughtful attention and unwavering love.
Love begins and ends with you. I hope all your days are filled with the most important kind of love you will ever experience: love for yourself.
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