Room For Change

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. – George Bernard Shaw

ImageLet’s do a little, quick exercise. Ready? Ok, here it goes:
Think about five things you wish were different in your life, or in the world. Only five things.
Now, for each one, come up with one action you can execute that would help bring that change. Try to do it in less than five minutes – you can even write just the first verb that comes to mind for each one of the items on your list.
It is likely that, after finishing the exercise, you will notice that in order to perform one or more of the actions that resulted from your list, you will have to change something of your personal mindset. The change may be really meaningful, or it may just be a simple one: it all depends on which kind of items you included in your list.
Most of us strive towards personal progress, while we also want to contribute to the progress of mankind. But, how would it be possible to make progress, if we are not making changes? How can we expect to evolve and advance, if we are not even open to change? One of your most deeply ingrained beliefs or conducts might be all that is standing in the way between you (your soul, your spirit) and your progress. Have you ever thought about it?
Progress and Change are twins who walk hand in hand throughout the universe. You just have to keep your eyes and your heart open so that when you bump into them, you’re wise enough to hold hands with them and follow them where they take you.
Are you walking hand in hand with Progress and Change, or are you on their way? I always enjoy and love to read your replies at

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