On roadblocks and adversity

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.
– Anne Bradstreet

Here’s a familiar scenario: you make plans for something big (a move, a trip, a party or some other event; personal or professional) and then…life happens!

Misunderstandings. Hurricanes. Flight delays. Illnesses. People changing their mind or not keeping their word. Last-minute emergencies. The list of this kind of occurrences is long and as varied as humanity itself. While all of these can be infuriating and even heartbreaking (depending on the relevance of our plans), we have to try not to dwell on the disappointment for too long. Even more importantly: we have to pay attention to how we choose to react to these events. In moments of disappointment, it’s too easy to become bitter or vindictive.

Why not see roadblocks and adversity as the universe’s way of guiding us through our path? After all, obstacles are clear signs pointing towards a better alternative. Or, sometimes, they are much needed opportunities to get some perspective and realize if we haven’t been valuing something (or someone) as much as we ought to.

I still remember when I received the news that LifePath Center would no longer be located at our old address of Pila Seca. Of course I was worried. Talk about a roadblock! But after some meditation and visualization, and with the help of my support network (family, friends, staff – YOU!) LifePath found a way to a much, much better place. A few days ago we had our new sign put up – isn’t it beautiful? It somehow marked the completion of that segment of the journey LifePath Center has had so far. And from what we have seen up to this point at Rinconada de La Aldea, things can only get better!

Don’t be paralyzed or angered by obstacles. Embrace them as an opportunity to reach higher, better and more beautiful possibilities!

Got any personal stories about roadblocks and adversity you want to share? I’m always eager to hear from you at docbeverly@aol.com.

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