NEW! Tuesday Cooking School with Alicia Rivero

NEW! Tuesday Cooking School with Alicia RiveroNEW! Every Tuesday: Cooking Classes at LifePath
“Series: Cooking With the Senses”
Tuesdays, 10:30 AM-1:30 PM
$500 MEX

Join Natural Foods Chef Alicia Rivero for this exciting cooking series!

Oct 25: ESSENTIAL SALADS – using raw food principles and techniques we develop several salads and dressings that demonstrate a type of food preparation which facilitates the availability of incorporated live, nutrient-rich foods in to daily life

Nov 1: NOURISHING SOUPS – in this class, we create three soups from scratch by develop basic stocks, make ghee, a healthy fat and use the idea of judging proportions to create tasty, warmth in a bowl.

Nov 8: NATURAL DESSERTS I – by eliminating the dependence on any refined ingredients, learn to make several desserts with natural sweeteners, fruits, chocolate, nuts and avocado!


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