More than a smile

A Note From Dr. Beverly Nelson, Director

Dr. Beverly Nelson (Photo: Michael Amici)If someone asks us if we’re polite, It’s likely we’re going to answer “Yes, of course I am!”. Here is my suggestion today: ask yourself this question; then, give yourself a careful, honest answer.

You see, being polite consists of much more than smiling. It does not mean that you have to ‘humor’ people. Being polite implies respect, mindfulness and kindness from the heart. Whenever we interact with someone, whether they are strangers or people whom we know, we become a part of their day, and thus, a part of their life. We are transformed by the exchange of energy and, if we allow it, this exchange can enrich us immensely.

Of course, the way we interact with others is directly affected by many factors: the events we’re currently experiencing in our lives; the stars and planets; even the traffic jams we find ourselves into every other day. We are all human and we all have, as they say, ‘bad days’. It is worth it, though, to think carefully about how we react to people and situations before we behave in a way that we may later regret. That said, remember that being polite does not mean we have to say “yes” to everything and everybody, or allow ourselves to be treated unfairly.

Whenever we are truly polite and mindful of others, we make a positive mark not only on their memories, but also on ours, and on the fabric of events in the universe. One act of kindness multiplies endlessly; and, unfortunately, one act of rudeness has the same effect.

What do you think: are you truly polite? How are you affecting the universe and those around you? You know I’m always listening.

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