Love Finds You

Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you. – Loretta Young

ImageSo many of us are driven by the lifelong quest of finding love. That is: finding someone to love, who also loves us back. Of course, there are a lot of factors that come into play. I feel, now that I am in my sixties, that in order to find real love the three aspects of our being (body, mind, and spirit) have to be in alignment. As you can imagine, it is not something that can just happen. Many times our instincts and senses can lead us to think that we’re in love; when the reality is that we’re only exteriorizing our wish of being in love. We are always in a process of learning who we are, and learning about others as well. With this constant evolution, finding love can end up resembling a treasure hunt of sorts: following clues, setting our intentions, acting on the spur of the moment, digging up memories and hopes…yet the results often vary. Those who find love are, indeed, extremely fortunate; and they are also fewer in number than what we would usually think.
Right now, in the third stage of my life, I am gloriously happy and humbled at the same time; because the Universe has blessed me. Rather than finding love, love found me.
Like everyone else – although perhaps a bit more emphatically because of my work as a Psychologist and healer – I have spent my whole life learning about love. I believe that love is at the core of every essential lesson we learn in life. One of the most important lessons we learn is to be fully present in our lives, at all times, so that we can fully grasp the blessings the Universe bestows upon us; as well as receive the messages that are sent our way so that we can live in a path of grace, happiness, and abundance. Love cannot find us if we are not present – therefore, it fills me with joy and reassurance that at this point of the road, love has been able to find me. It means I’m present. It means I’m truly alive, in every sense of the word.
Being in a romantic relationship when you’re older brings to the forefront many matters that, when you were younger, you didn’t give much thought to. You are able to be yourself without any kind of restraint. You hold nothing back. You know that what matters is the moment you’re living right now; rather than worrying about what was said last week or what will happen tomorrow. It is the ultimate and most beautiful lesson: shared presence. This, to me, is the very definition of love. Thank you, Michael Bartlett, for being present with me.
Let love find you present. And remember that it’s never too late for the Universe to surprise you.
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