Let It All Out

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
– Martin Luther King Jr.

Let It All OutMany people are used to keeping quiet about the things that worry them most. The reasons vary: maybe that’s how they were raised; maybe they think it tasteless or indiscreet to ‘share too much’ about their personal lives. Of course, there are moments and contexts in which to share; and there are only some people we can trust in such way. However, it is so good to be able to talk about what we really feel and what we truly need. Talking just heals.

In this age of ‘oversharing’ via social media, some of us may think that people are way too open. While it is true that there is such a thing as ‘too much information’; it is equally true that many people don’t discuss topics they should be discussing: grief, depression, or just the normal day-to-day things that are part of our lives. This is part of what is known as willful blindness (an excellent TEDtalk on the topic can be viewed HERE); it’s the act of choosing to ignore or disregard situations and facts, perhaps hoping that they will disappear or fade. This has not only destroyed people, but also nations. That’s why it’s so important that governments and citizens acknowledge past atrocities and calamities; and that they somehow try to make amends or compensate for the pain that was caused.

Over time, if we keep everything buried deep within us, all the negativity starts to sprout other negative things – and many of them are actually life-threatening. All the anger, the regrets, the pain – if we don’t talk about it and never bring it out in the open (with a loved one – a relative or friend -, with a therapist or with a spiritual counselor, etc.), it rots. Believe me – none of us want that kind of thing inside us. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience – let’s preserve what is precious and pure within us. Don’t let silence crush your spirit.

So – talk about things. Let it all out – in a controlled and safe environment, of course; but don’t keep silent. docbeverly@aol.com. .

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