It’s Your Year! The Art of Numerology

What year is this for you? Are you in a Nine Year, wrapping things up and moving things out of your life? Or are you in a One Year, initiating new projects, meeting new and stimulating people, re-inventing yourself?

The ancient art of Numerology helps us to know more about ourselves. Knowing the numbers can assist us in grasping every opportunity that comes our way.

Here’s how to find out what ‘year’ you are in now. Just add the numbers in your day and month of birth to the numbers in the current year.
Example Birthday
= December 29
Month = 12, Day = 29, Year = 2011

Keep adding until you get a single digit. 1+8 = 9
In this example, someone born on December 29th will be in the 9 yearly cycle throughout 2011.
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