In A Minute, Everything Can Change

Everything can change at any moment, suddenly and forever.
– ​Paul Auster

ImageWhenever abrupt change comes into our lives, it shakes us to the very core. When the change is positive, however sudden, we tend not to think too much about it and we concentrate on feeling happy and grateful which is great. When the change is not that positive or when a painful incident (a loss, an accident, or even a close brush with death) takes place, we spend a long time trying to make sense of what our life truly means. What have we been doing wrong? What are we taking for granted? Why is it that ‘bad things happen to good people’? What would have happened if…? The questions never end, and if the change came in the form of a traumatic situation, we keep reliving the event in our heads, while our minds try to understand what just happened. We feel sad and sometimes fall into despair.
How do we pick up the pieces and start again? Is it possible that change destroys the things we hold most dear, leaving nothing for us to recover?
Some incidents in which we realize how close we’ve come to losing everything open a window to certain thoughts that some of us would rather not have: our own mortality, our role in the lives of those around us, and the silly little things we worry about everyday instead of realizing that we should cherish the many beautiful and precious things we have: our health, our friends, our families, the ability to communicate and touch others across distances that fifty years ago would have been considered impossible to surpass. It is okay to reflect on these topics, to realize what happened and to use that newfound wisdom to live a better, fuller life.
When a change implies losing someone who is crucial in our lives, we wonder how it will be possible to carry on our lives without them.The most magical aspect of life is the fact that we’re able to create such powerful and loving bonds with the people we keep finding through our journey: those bonds will continue forever, no matter how far away we are from those who loved us or knew us. They even transcend the physical world. Those bonds are the ones who will help you continue. They’re the foundations our lives are built upon.
We never know when we will have to face the abruptness of change. For that reason alone, it is important to live fully, to love the life you live and those that are part of it. The little pieces of your daily routine are the ones you should cherish most.
How do you deal with abrupt change? Do you think you are living a life you love? Are you really loving everything and everyone in your life? I look forward to your answers at

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