Give yourself the gift of flexibility

A Note From Dr. Beverly Nelson, Director

Dr. Beverly Nelson (Photo: Michael Amici)If you thought that this week’s topic was going to be focused on Yoga or Pilates, think again! Although it is vital and healthy to improve the flexibility of our bodies through exercise and healthy eating habits, wouldn’t you agree that flexibility is also a good practice for all of us on a personal level?

Being flexible implies letting go of our need of control. It also implies great generosity towards those around us. “Flexible” is the opposite of “stiff”. It means that, instead of restricting ourselves to a tiny frame of movement, we can adopt a broad range of possibilities, opportunities and solutions. If you think about it, chances are that many of the little problems could be solved if we adopted a flexible attitude.

Our quality of life can be greatly enhanced if we improve our flexibility. Exactly as it happens with our bodies, being more flexible means we are capable of having a wider range of motion. We are able to do more things, and to enjoy them more!

Are you flexible enough? In which areas of your life could you be more flexible? How could your life improve through flexibility? I’m listening to your comments, as always!

P.S. Of course, some flexibility of the body helps greatly to accomplish flexibility of mind! Check out our Yoga and Pilates offerings!

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