Fun Is A Priority

Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun. – Randy Pausch

ImageBeing a responsible, active person is great: I can assure you that you contribute to the Universe in a beautiful, loving way. However, if you are one of those persons who is always making sure they take care of their responsibilities, and if you are always trying to make something useful, there is a chance that you feel that you’re wasting time if you stop and take a moment for yourself. Maybe it’s just a five minute break during which you will inhale and exhale in a quiet space, to regain your balance. Perhaps it’s a two week vacation, or a night out with your friends. Some people can never feel at ease unless they’re doing something ‘productive’ – or worse: they feel guilty for taking time off.
Which brings me to the importance of FUN. We tend to think that having a laugh and goofing around, doing silly stuff that makes us happy (riding roller coasters, attending a stand-up comedy showcase, playing hopscotch, etc), should occupy the minimum percentage of our day-to-day. Guess what? We’re probably spending way less time than we should having fun.
Distracting our mind from the day-to-day stuff, particularly from the serious responsibilities we have become so used to, helps our brain function better. The change of pace and perspective does wonders, particularly when it comes to solving difficult problems or finding simpler ways to do some tasks. Fun and laughter also imbues our spirits with light and positive energy; in a way that, when faced with adversity, we will be better equipped to deal with it.
We shouldn’t devote only what’s left of our time during the day for ‘fun’. Fun should be a priority. It is possible to incorporate fun into every single activity we do. Why don’t you try it for a week? I guarantee that not only will you feel better – sharper, more relaxed, and at peace – but in the process you will also make those around you feel much happier. If you do this, I would love to read how the experiment went!
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