Dr. Beverly Nelson and Michael Bartlett

We’re so excited to be able to share our years of experience, learnings, insight and wisdom with you. We came to this project with different backgrounds, different experiences and credentials. Yet, our mission is the same – to empower individuals, couples and groups to be the best version of themselves – a Hero/Heroine of their own Journey and to share that with others on a daily basis. It’s that simple. We came together through synchronicity (meaningful coincidences).

Do you want to hear the story? Ok, here’s the unedited version!

Beverly: I pursued a degree in Psychology because of my interest in people and wanting to know how they “tick”. Although I love working directly with people, I also believe that we grow psychologically, spiritually and mentally when we are out of our comfort zones. So, I developed retreat centers where individuals, couples and groups could come to dig deeper into their beings and find the Hero/Heroine within. It worked incredibly well, and I’ve continued that work to this day. Of course, I did other things such as take people around the world on outward journeys for inward development, speak at various conferences, provide workshops for groups, counsel and coach people and raise an amazing daughter who now directs LifePath Center. I was busy, happy and living my passion.

Yet, this was all done solo. No romantic partner! And, I had accepted that at the age of 67, it was unlikely that I would find love (although I dreamed of having a partner with whom I could work and play). So, this is what happened: One of my close friends tried to get me to sign up on an online dating site with her to find a partner. I didn’t go for it. She did. And, she found Michael. Or, I should say, they found each other. After some time, they decided that Michael would move to Mexico to see how the relationship progressed. Five short months later, my friend was diagnosed with recurring terminal cancer and shortly after that, she died. Michael and I were at her bedside when she died and grieved this incredible loss together. Over the following months, we became close friends and then eventually, one day, looked at each other with “different” eyes and woke up to love. Our friends were not surprised. In fact, they had been waiting for us to see what they saw.
And, what a wedding celebration there was!! But, the reason to celebrate didn’t end with the wedding. We quickly realized that we were together to do some important work – our shared mission. And, here we are creating this incredible project together.

Michael: I truly can call myself an entrepreneur due to the variety of career paths that I have followed. I’ve been an educator, consultant, coach, therapist, real estate developer, restaurant owner, video and film maker, computer and technology expert and audiovisual program developer. And, on top of that, I raised two daughters as a single parent. Whew!! And, I’m so happy to say that I feel proud of each of these endeavors and feel a sense of gratitude in knowing that I have followed my passions. Especially, raising my daughters.

I’ve also been lucky in love. However, losing a loved one is not unfamiliar to me and I know about grieving. I also know that healing is possible, and suffering is a choice. I have and continue to choose loving and am gifted by serendipity bringing Beverly and I together to share our missions in life. I am able to bring all of my varied skills to play in creating our new courses and co-create with Beverly in bringing her life’s work together in this endeavor.

We are thrilled that we can share this mission with you!

Beverly and Michael