Dream On!

Dream On!Every night, as we sleep, we are receiving important bulletins from our Unconscious. Not just once, but several times. In fact, scientists tell us that we dream between 4 and 7 times during the night.

Our dreams speak to us in a wonderful language of images and symbols, leaving it up to our waking mind to figure out what is being communicated. Sometimes the message is simple, such as a gentle reminder to reduce stress in our lives and nurture ourselves more. At other times, we may receive a major announcement, such as a call to change our behavior in order to avoid an unpleasant resolution of an issue.

LifePath co-founder Joseph Dispenza has studied dreams for many years. For 6 years, he was a student of Dr. Sabine Lucas, the renowned Jungian analyst who taught at the Jung Institute in Zurich and later in London. Dr. Lucas is the author of Past Life Dreamwork: Healing the Soul through Understanding Karmic Patterns.

Our Dreamwork Class with Joseph is back after a 2-month hiatus. Tuesdays 4-6 PM. Drop-ins are welcome. Bring a dream, written down. 70 pesos.

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