Committed To Love

ImageYou may have already heard that Michael and I got married this week. The ceremony was Wednesday afternoon and the wedding was officiated by a Jewish Cantor. It was a beautiful ceremony! Our lives are filled with love and joy and we are blessed to have family and friends like you to share it with. Thanks so much to all of you who have taken the time to congratulate us and send us your good wishes!
It was important for us to commemorate the sacred aspect of our commitment to one another, to the love we have for each other, and to the powerful, all-governing force of the Universe that is love. While we all know that a document or a celebration per-se are not mandatory for any couple when there is true love between them, we wanted to say our vows and manifest our love in front of those who mean the most in our lives. We wanted to mark and celebrate the joy and fulfillment we have been experiencing on a daily basis since the beginning of our relationship. What better way of doing this, for us, than through a poignant and memorable ceremony?
The moment you commit to love – whether it’s in the form of a romantic relationship, a friendship, a project, a pet, or just by doing everything with love on a daily basis – you are sending out a very loud and clear message: you are a source of love and a channel for positive emotions and beautiful occurrences. This creates a chain reaction because your loved ones echo your feelings, and magnify the love to the Universe and to everyone and everything in it. This love will come back to you multiplied; and your commitment to this love becomes the source of your strength. By committing to love, you are making a huge contribution to the happiness of this world – something that is more necessary now than ever.
How do you commit to love in your daily life? I’m eager to hear back from you
(P.S. There’s a little video of the ceremony right below, in case you want to watch it!)

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