Bloom from kindness, even in Winter

One kind word can warm three winter months.  -Japanese proverb

ImageAll flowers are beautiful, each in its own way. I particularly marvel at the ones that keep blooming even during winter. Here in San Miguel we are blessed with beautiful and awe-inspiring sights all year long; but for some reason, I always find that the floral beauty of San Miguel is more evident during the cold months. There’s just something so powerful and poignant about the message conveyed by winter blooms.
When it comes to the human spirit, I think that it also tends to shine more powerfully during troubled times. Just like soil, water, and sun contribute to the blooming of flowers during the winter months; we can contribute to the blooming of our souls – and other people’s souls – through kindness.
A smile; a soothing word; a hug; a little thoughtful detail (a flower, a cup of tea, a chocolate or a great book you’ve just finished reading; just to name a few examples) can work miracles in the life of someone who is going through difficult times. These kind gestures cost nothing, or next to nothing, and go a long way. They signal our love and appreciation. So, whether you show some kindness to yourself if you’re facing tough situations; or you want to manifest kindness towards a friend or neighbor; rest assured that you’re contributing to the blooming of love in the universe.
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