Bend with the wind

Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.  – Bruce Lee

ImageNow more than ever, each day I notice what a blessing it is to be flexible. Change is the very nature of the Universe – it’s always been there. Yet, for some reason, in these days of instant contact and faster-than-the-speed-of-light exchanges, I find that it’s become even more important to be flexible when it comes to our plans and rules.
Resisting changes is very stressful and leaves us exhausted. The very moment we notice that something has changed, or that someone has altered (knowingly or not) our notion of ‘how things should be’, we become physically tight. Have you noticed? It’s like a reflex. Some of us frown or even start sweating a little bit. No wonder – sometimes these ‘surprises’ can turn our whole life upside down!
In the morning, as a ritual – maybe while you drink your first cup of coffee or tea- it’s good to remind ourselves that the Universe is an ever flowing river. Things are actually never the same from one moment to another – and, in the end, everything and everyone finds its new place. Change is inevitable, and it can be stressful; but no matter what its consequences are, try your best to keep in mind that the nature of your soul is not ‘fixed’. The very ground beneath us is permanently moving. Our planet is perennially traveling through the galaxy. Every single cell that constitutes our physical body is moving and changing even if we are not aware of it. Nothing is ever still.
The moment we decide to stop fighting the ‘adverse’ winds and choose to ‘bend’ with them, our life becomes easier. Everything flows more smoothly, and we stop ‘cracking’.
Do you bend with the wind, or do you resist it? I always like reading your replies at

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