Awareness Cures

The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival.
– Aristotle

Awareness CuresWe are all looking for love.
I’m not talking about romantic love – that kind is only one of the various manifestations of Universal Love, which is what I would like to focus on in today’s message.
Even though we may believe that we are driven by more ‘worldly’ interests (such as security, companionship, money, etc), at the core we know that it is Love that we seek. We may use the wrong approach or methods to attain it but the motivation is always there. It’s innate. It’s human.
In our quest for Universal Love, our hearts may be broken once or twice (or more). Life is a tough teacher. All these lessons are so hard to learn and make such a mark, that it’s no wonder that every other day we run into someone whose spirit has been altered by some trials we can’t even imagine. Not all the causes are known or visible but, if we are aware of the quest for Universal Love, we can see the hearts of others and understand that their behavior is driven by a desperate search. These spirits are looking for Love – and we can (and should) give them that, at every chance we get.
Being aware of the driving force of Universal Love can not only cure the most stubborn negativism; it can also prevent it from developing. If you know someone who is always in a bad mood, cranky, rude or permanently sad, try to come up with ways in which you can share some of the Love you carry with you. The fire of Universal Love is contagious and it can be spread easily to others – everyone, sooner or later, embraces Love; even if they’ve forgotten they’ve been looking for it their whole lives.
Act from Love, with Love, and spread Love. It’s the only awareness that matters.
Beverly (

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