A New Pair of Eyes

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
– Anonymous

It is said we are creatures of habit. One of the biggest proofs of this statement is how we get so easily accustomed to our surroundings. Immersed in our own routines, which require us to move from points A to B, then to C, then back to A; it’s not surprising that somewhere along the way we stop paying attention. Our sight zooms in on some of the areas we feel are more demanding; and we lose sight of the rest.

Yesterday we welcomed a new guest at LifePath; a lovely and vibrant young woman who is visiting San Miguel for the first time. Her fresh perspective draws our attention to many things we have become too accustomed to. Hearing her talk about the beauty of the streets; about how it is possible to see the stars at night; and also listening to her raving about the wonderful things we get to do in this beautiful city on a daily basis; really shines a light on aspects of the San Miguel life we tend to take for granted. Talk about a new perspective, right?

The lovely girl in the photo with me is my goddaughter, Beverly (yes, she was given my name). She is the youngest daughter of Fernando and Jackie – whom many of you are familiar with: they’re truly the life pulse of LifePath! Today was the first day little Beverly is wearing glasses; she is now able to see things much more clearly and she was overjoyed! It made me think about how sometimes all we need to transform our reality is a clearer view. Maybe not all of us need physical glasses; a little perspective will suffice. We will then realize that things are way different from what we imagined them to be!

Which ‘glasses’ are you wearing right now? Do they make things clearer, or do they need an upgrade? How do you refresh your perspective when things have become too dull or gloomy? I’m always listening at docbeverly@aol.com.

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