A Loving Heart

Wisdom comes from the heart
A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.
– Thomas Carlyle

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The Practice of Insight Meditation – new class with Ann Barden
All Mondays of February, 11:00 am-12:30 pm
Insight Meditation is a practice that comes from the Buddhist tradition.While that is its origin, it does not require one to be a Buddhist or to believe in any doctrine; in fact, many people who follow various religious traditions find that this practice enhances their spiritual experiences within those traditions.

This 4 week class is suitable for beginners and for those seeking a ‘refresher’ for their practice. Class size is limited, so registration is required. To register, call or email Ann Barden: 154-5104 or bardena@comcast.net. There is no fee for the class, as is traditional.

There is an opportunity to make a donation.

Pneuma System Module I – The Art Of Living, Part A
Starting on February 23rd through March 29th, every Thursday 5-7 pm at the Garden Room of LifePath Center. Cost per session: $100 pesos. Drop-ins also welcome.

“The Art of Living” is the first module within the Pneuma System, which constitutes a complete design of revealed teachings and practices to achieve psychological and spiritual knowledge. The central objective of this module is to recuperate a true meaning of life and offer each individual the basic teachings and tools to deepen their process of inner transformation. To register*, e-mail Alejandro Negrete at alejandro@inkarri.mx.

*Special offer: $400 pesos if you register for the entire series (6 sessions).

Get balanced and de-stress, with the help of Eduardo and Silvia!

Polarity Therapist, Silvia Vega, will be in San Miguel starting February 14th and until February 23rd. Experience the incredible benefits of a session with Silvia – get your body, mind and soul in tune for Valentine’s day and beyond.

Shaman Eduardo Morales will be in San Miguel from February 17th to February 23rd. He specializes in Craniosacral and Polarity therapies, taking it into the mental, emotional and spiritual realms, to address issues from a holistic approach.

To book your sessions with either Eduardo or Silvia, e-mail Dr. Beverly Nelson at beverly@lifepathretreats.com.

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